Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

An approach to psychotherapy based on behavioural changes. It involves the extension of the modification and relearning procedures to cognitive processes, thought, fantasy. What we may believe about the things we do and the reasons for them and how they can effect how we live. We may seem like we are trapped and CBT can help dissect processes and how we operate subconsciously. Some behaviours operate so quickly they are almost compulsive. Explorations from CBT can slow things down and help contain cycles of behaviour, balance compulsions and change those activities that really we don’t want to pursue.

Personality Profiles  

Often in life we can behave, feel or think in certain ways that we do not understand. Maria believes that self-awareness, including personality adaptation knowledge, can help enlighten us to what we need and what we are. We can then have more self-acceptance and live more comfortably. If we tap into our vast store of information that applies to us we can achieve acceptance of self and  others, maintaining balance and even achieving optimal results in life.

Focus On Resolution

Many individuals can feel stuck for reasons they cannot figure out never mind explain. Therefore, there is a myth often applied that “we are who we are”, implying that this is set in stone. We can focus on re-programming ourselves if we choose to or find resolutions with self-awareness that we didn’t even acknowledge. Sometimes even the simple mention of “Why didn’t I think of that” is because we can’t see everything about our own process.  Maria often works on shifting this energy so that individuals can reach their full potential.

Script Analysis

Transactional Analysis is a model for understanding human personality, relationships and communications. Maria applies some of the techniques and concepts at the heart of the Transactional Analysis discipline. Additionally, other effective interactive and psychological communicational tools. These work with that which is often unconscious or subconscious but are the foundation of our script.   Life Script is a process that we live out over time. Often people need to understand their own process script to step out of uncomfortable , destructive or dysfunctional patterns of behaviour . Once you have insight you have the option to take control, break patterns and change your life.

Coaching & Consultancy

Coaching is a dynamic and motivational working process that can un-lease personal power and autonomy. It can change perception, cultivate self-reliance and generate energy when the going gets tough.

Maria often works with Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Founders and various other leadership professionals through consultancy. It provides a varied and holistic perspective that gives penetrated insight into wisdom, power, opportunity and integrity. There are principles of growth and change that apply to those successful in vocation or business.