Maria holds a position as a Interpersonal Group Facilitator, Therapist and Supervisor at an addiction Recovery Therapy Community in Oxfordshire called Bayberry, This is a Integrative, multi-disciplinary, Person Centred and Humanistic Community that accounts for individual client needs. Additionally, its pro-active in working with the 12 steps programme that is a fundamental framework for those suffering with addiction. The 12 steps are a set of processes and tools that enable  individuals to gain awareness  and supports spiritual growth. This includes challenging denial, taking personal inventory and surrendering destructive will.

Worklife Balance & Stress

Life, work, families, stress, low energy and depression can all be interlinked processes. In our ever increasing treadmill of life with its complexity, technology and expectations, we can develop symptoms that effect our mental health and general well-being. There are many techniques and processes that can help alleviate and balance out problems. One example of balancing your life includes mindfulness, which is not an abstract knowledge, but a set of practical skills that we can attain including; regulating attention and emotions, greater cognitive control and increased sensory awareness. All these are tools of life that can be preventatives if applied in dealing with stress and depression.


This is an area where consultancy, coaching and support can work on development, self-awareness and understanding life dynamics, transactions and relations. Interactions can be full of complex hidden meanings and defences which can be difficult to manage without discord. Maria has empathy for those who because they may have great flair in areas of work, life or self that an assumption is made that they must also apply this in communications. Here an exploration on communication and dynamics can empower individuals appropriately to manage interactions, transactions and self.

Confidence & Self-esteem

Many people struggle with confidence and self esteem. Human beings need to nurture this often fragile side of the self. We can explore why and where difficulties in self perception exist. This is to allow us to reach our potential, enjoy life and to be motivated, feel important and have self belief.


Maria provides supervision to a variety of individuals and organisations. She believes in providing a supportive environment where individuals can examine tasks, roles and responsabilities in relation to their work. Maria likes to be a positive and creative reinforcement to other practitioners, support workers and professionals for their growth and development. This is a working alliance where creativity, diversity, and individuality can be celebrated rather than oppressed.