Maria Moore is an Integrative Psychotherapist with a very successful, diverse and interesting practice. She started in the field 18 years ago and has built up a business that encompasses many different client groups and services. These range from psychology, coaching, consultancy and personality profiling with business clients, employees, professionals and celebrities. To stress; depression, addiction, relationship issues and complex family dynamics. Additionally, she has many years of experience working on the more complex side of therapy with obsessive compulsive disorder, borderline cases and personality disorders. These often involve a collective practice that includes psychological testing and other health care professionals.

Maria’s success rate is very high and often clients experience the work as a positive life project that is embraced and cherished. Much focus is within the trusting working relationship, which enhances and appropriately empowers individuals, couples, families and groups to embrace learning and fulfil  potential. Maria is a humble but potent working practitioner that believes in philanthropic application when talking about fees. This is due to the wide range of clients that she comes into contact with and her belief that it is important for her as a practitioner to make herself available economically to as many people that she can. With this, her fees are a negotiable process that can contribute to the therapeutic alliance.

Being Integrative, Maria uses different models, styles and techniques that compliment, support and reinforce working potently and creatively. People may choose to work with Maria if they want to understand themselves more and gain insight and self-awareness. This ranges from company owners - leaders of managers who need consultancy support in understanding staff dynamics and how they can impact systems operations - to individuals who are struggling in life and want some support, empathy and the possibility of resolutions to re-occurring problems.

Historically, Maria has had practises in London and Birmingham. She also held a position in a therapeutic community for acute mental health which has informed her work and interest in the potency of healing in groups. This directed her to undertake research and development into therapeutic communities and belonging.  This eventually founded a therapeutic community online which provided a pilot study on the impact and importance of these and healing for individuals. This was in operation when the idea was radical in our society and, since, many have been developed, serving and supporting lots of people. Maria believes ultimately in pioneer work, innovation and progress when applied to helping people. Presently, she mainly operates privately in pleasant, comfortable and confidential surroundings. She also provides supervision to various organisations and works as an Interpersonal Group Therapist in a Therapeutic Community for recovery in addiction.