Maria is an integrative psychotherapist who works creatively with diversity. This includes applying many techniques to various issues and different contexts, from people struggling with depression, anxiety, stress and addiction to business support and personal development. Maria has worked in the commercial field with staff and employers in relation to conflict and communication. Also, in therapeutic communities, with more difficult and acute cases of personality disorder and various dysfunction. She really believes the working relationship holds the key to learning on many levels.

Maria has many enquiries which has shown her how people can be confused about the different working practises that exist in the field of counselling, psychotherapy and psychology. Here she has decided to put on her website a brief and informal definition of all her applications to how people can work together. Maria hopes that this provides a basic informative overview of what the terminology means and how it may work for the benefit of individuals and what they may come to see her for.

Psychology is a practice created by scientists and philosophers of various persuasions in order to fulfil the need to understand the mind and better explain people’s behaviour. It is the attempt to research and explore, which, in the past, has been  greatly misunderstood. In addition, counselling is a generic term used to cover several processes of guiding, interviewing and supporting, designed to help an individual solve problems, plan for the future and resolve life difficulties. Psychotherapy, in definition, is a procedure or process that has palliative or curative effects upon any mental, emotional or behavioural disorder.

As an integrative psychotherapist Maria works in a way to fit client’s individual needs and thus not apply a particular model to all people. “One size fits all” is not her belief or frame of reference. Many techniques and psychological tools are applied to develop a potent working process and alliance of communication. This provides the relationship to work with awareness and  unconscious, to provide a safe base for change and development in many diverse areas.